bobby lee ~ mastering light body


... wisdom forgets you

remembers you everything

look where you can t be found
trumps all your seeking

sorrow is a state of thought in a mind
loosens the belt reinstates
a firm resolve to quit

meddling with static vibrations
meaning trying to figure it out
from a angle you are not where you wish to be or feel
creates all your trouble
even though you know where you wish to be
and the energy is now available you are not here a lot
as you hang your belief on
your thought is an absent energy

you have been shown and trained to think
you must work things out
be rid of negative feeling not own it as your own
and make it work for you
not mask it protectively or protectively speaking

until you accomplish this attitude of mind
you are at the mercy of emotional comeback
as a consequence of thinking
from the wrong side of thought and light

' your clearest and greatest version of you has no body'

shine on brightly

bobby x

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bobby lee

a musical scribe to the masters of light a collective and connective intelligence imparts resonance and information helps further the evolution of light mind

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greetings Reader some wisdom from the ethers shine on brightly ... ... the logical charge 2 human light bulbs side by side you are one of a high charge brightly lit up flying high the other one of a lesser light on a lower charge not so much reason would have it should you drop your charge and light to accommodate the charge of the other body the two bodies would now be of equal charge and the general mood would reflect this drop in altitude you suffer to match the other ringing that charge...