mastering your light



some wisdom from the ethers

shine on brightly ...

... the logical charge

2 human light bulbs
side by side
you are one of a high charge
brightly lit up flying high
the other one of a lesser light
on a lower charge not so much
reason would have it
should you drop your charge and light
to accommodate the charge of the other body
the two bodies would now be of equal charge
and the general mood would reflect this drop in altitude
you suffer to match the other ringing that charge out

but should you remain on your charge and allow
more light through lights you up even further
the other body has two choices now
to either raise their charge to meet yours
here both bodies are now light up good o
and the general mood reflects this illumination
or the lower charged body resists or is unable
and stays as is on the wavelength it is on striving
not your call to make either way

this is how you engage with each other
at all times on the vibrational planes
not mindfully and emotionally
indicate this activity under the radar

... you dont make good thinking bad

the whole notion
mind can make things good
from a perspective they are not
has to be disappeared

probably the most convincing
yet delusional mental onset
performed by a human mind
stuck on problems trying to activate solutions

much like swimming in sewage
trying to clean up the mess
just not ever gonna work out clear

the work of surrender and trust isn t easy
turns all lights on to this you might hold firm
as belief and truth
stable a reality now being turned on its head
such as this false belief we alert you to above
and there are many
opposing values active humanities press
against its own creative energy
performing a mind way off course
the foundational charge of spatial reality

because you do
not want things
creates them

because you do
want things
creates them

and neither of these options
shall be valid an eye moving forward
as you are lit up and performed of charge
must let be this must be not born out of human desire

... the fix you havent thought of

your dirt or dark energy
is the stuff to use
to clean you out
and not something life
pits against you to suffer more

integrating not battling dark energy and thought
catapults you into the body of reality
you reach for to become
where as battling this only affirms
the one you are stuck with

... change does you

the human intellect
has no ability to change reality
moves things around the mind at best
to inspire a different perspective
yet the mind itself shifts not at all
anchored to the vibrational signature
feeds off its own hunger to change

the hardest mind to change
is the one that thinks it is changing

the less you believe that things need changing
and be active of the charge of the change
without this need for it to be
to more you are realized to the charge
and change you seek to see

be at ease with your own body energy
not entangled of the worldy affairs
and things that sting your service
have you thinking things must be resolved
before you are at peace

bobby lee

a musical scribe to the masters of light a collective and connective intelligence imparts resonance and information helps further the evolution of light mind

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